You can park your caravan at Hofstede Elzenoord. We have a modern warehouse with an alarm system.

Price: € 62.00 per linear meter of construction (without drawbar).

Winter storage runs from November 1 to April 1 (5 months). This storage period will be tacitly repeated, unless you cancel on time (no later than 1 May). (If you cancel too late, you will have to pay the entire coming period.) You pay the bill in advance: When you pick up the caravan, an advance of € 100.00 and the remaining amount when bringing the caravan.

We charge € 25 (2 x € 12.50) for delivery and collection to and from campsites in the area. This is done at (your) own risk!

Other terms

  • Gas bottles may NOT remain in your caravan or our shed, due to fire safety. (You must bring this home yourself.)
  • The storage is at your own risk. You can insure your caravan yourself.
  • We are only legally liable if we damage your caravan, not for fire, hail, water damage, etc.
  • Our garage is closed from 1/11 to 1/4. You will not be able to pick up or return your caravan.
    (Would you like to pick up your caravan on a winter holiday or earlier? Please let us know no later than 1/11. We will then be the last to store your caravan.)
  • You cannot get your caravan in or out of our garage yourself, this to protect our property and other caravans.